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I have problems with my order, can you help me?

We suggest you fill out the form available at this LINK indicating your telephone number, your email address, the order number and the problem encountered. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible.

The promotion doesn't work. How can I do?

You can contact us via the form at the LINK indicated or by sending us an email to

What should I do the first time I start the Pod Profiles machine?

Remove and rinse the water tank. Fill the water tank to the MAX level indicated, using only fresh, non-carbonated drinking water. Refit the tank. Insert the power plug into the socket. Press the power/dispense button to turn the machine on. Wait until the machine has completed the heating cycle. When the machine is ready, make a first dispensing from a tank of water without pods. Now you are ready to enjoy your blends using our artisanal pods. Good coffee!

What is descaling and how often should it be carried out?

The formation of limescale is a normal consequence of using the machine and leads to dispensing difficulties or the leakage of cold coffee. For this reason it is necessary to descale the machine approximately every ¾ months and in any case whenever problems are encountered. To limit the formation of limescale, we recommend the exclusive use of natural bottled mineral water. Caffè Profili does not assume responsibility for damage to the machine resulting from failure to descale.

To carry out descaling, you must use a non-toxic and/or harmful descaling product for coffee machines, commonly available on the market. Do not drink the descaling solution and the dispensed products until the cycle is complete.

Do not under any circumstances use vinegar as a descaler.

What are discount codes and how can I use them?

Discount codes are coupons that allow you to obtain discounts on an order. Some can be obtained by making purchases, others are sent to all customers via newsletters during particular general promotions or linked to certain product lines. The codes must be entered in the appropriate box in the cart before purchasing.

How can I access my personal area?

Per accedere alla tua area personale inserisci username e password o, in alternativa, effettua il login con Google/Facebook/Amazon/Apple.

Are Profili capsules compatible with all Nespresso machines?

Profili capsules are compatible with all models except Nespresso®* lattissima.

Does your coffee contain gluten?

No, coffee is a food that naturally does not contain gluten.

How can I dispose of Profili capsules and pods? And the paper kit?

The casing of capsules and pods must be disposed of in undifferentiated waste. The capsules also go into the undifferentiated waste while the pods go into the organic waste. Sugar sachets and branded paper cups should be thrown away in the paper. However, we advise you to check the provisions of your municipality.

How is decaffeinated coffee made?

To respect the environment and health, we do not use processes that require the use of chemical solvents. Our coffee is decaffeinated through a natural process, with steam and pure water, without other technological aids.

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